System Integration

Create faster and more flexible information flows while increasing the security of existing systems.

Automate Anything AnyPrem

Today’s integration challenges require next-generation solutions both on-premises and in the cloud. Swedwise can quickly address many new integration challenges such as API-led integrationHybrid integrationDevOps, and Internet-of-Things (IoT), as well as the traditional EDI, ESB integration of B2B systems.


Our specialty is to help organisations digitise their business by creating faster and more flexible information flows without compromising on the security and integrity of current or future systems.

On-premises and cloud solutions

We work with a host of leading integration solutions – such as Mulesoft Anypoint PlatformWiseTech Global xT (xTrade), Inobiz DS and IS, and Nodinite within a variety of environments.

Hybrid and API-first integration

Our Certified Consultants are committed to helping you leverage the data and functionality of on-premises legacy applications while making way for innovation.

How can we help you?

Swedwise, together with our integration partners are well positioned to leverage our experience to help you with Hybrid integration, API-first, Microservices adoption, architecture, and implementation, throughout the whole lifecycle.

We have expertise in

API Integration

Create, manage, and monitor your integrations, whether it’s an API-driven application network, traditional ESB or EDI.

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Gain a competitive edge by bringing products and services to market faster.

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Hybrid Integration

Leverage the data and functionality of on-premises legacy applications while making way for innovation.

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Our highly-adaptable team can help you build better microservices applications for enterprise and cloud applications.

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MuleSoft Anypoint Platform™

The leading enterprise platform for building APIs, integrations and Application Networks.

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xT (xTrade) includes everything needed for A2A, B2B and IoT-integration.

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