Unlock Operational Excellence with xECM for Microsoft 365 – Demo

Solutions like Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint offer a foundation for effective content management but only go so far. However, when integrated with Extended ECM, organisations unlock operational excellence with robust security, seamless collaboration, and streamlined processes.

Extended ECM of Office 365 Enviroments

For organisations within the manufacturing sector, the control of documents, processes, and data is paramount. In such environments, diverse users from sales and customer services, HR to engineers, interact with the content the company produces in different ways – each with unique requirements dependent on context.

This can create Content Sprawl, whereby content assets proliferate unmanaged and lead to an unwieldy mass that is difficult to manage. In addition, the jumble of sprawling content makes it challenging for end users to find what they need. This makes it hard for companies to ensure that security and data governance are being applied consistently.

Tackling Content Sprawl

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ ensures security compliance, scales according to business needs, and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, thereby enhancing flexibility and responsiveness to market demands:

Smarter Information Management for Microsoft Environments

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