Produce Modern Digital Experiences for your Customers and Business Partners

Digital has become the new battleground in customer retention and brand value creation.

deliver modern digital experiences

Today’s B2B or B2C customers expect more personalised engagement from the companies they interact with. It could be a web-based dashboard to read billing history. Or the ability to sign important documents digitally. Even having the choice of channel to receive delivery notifications from a supplier impacts the customer experience. Digital has become the new battleground in customer retention and brand value creation.

According to IDC, organisations should not lay the task solely on IT departments to ensure the creation and management of Omnichannel experiences.

The management and creation of communications need to be simplified so that other departments such as HR, Marketing, or Operations can react quickly while ensuring compliance and information governance.

The solution is to align the digital tools that create content (information) to a digital strategy that guarantees “the right content in the right context at the right time” is delivered to your customers. This strategy allows your organisation to:

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Find out how the strategic goals above are achievable without adversely affecting productivity or increasing risk by watching the latest OpenText World Keynote. Guy Hellier, OpenText VP Product Management discusses Digital Experience challenges, and the tools, which will define future success.

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