Capture. Manage. Output: The Swedwise Way

Do you want to make day-to-day interaction with customers, suppliers, and internal resources easier? Welcome to the Swedwise Way.

The Swedwise Way

From invoices and agreements to delivery notes and notifications, documents create a bridge between customer and supplier, employer and employee. Yet many of these documents are not managed in a way that makes our working lives easier. The symptoms of inefficient information management are often obvious: Too much time spent searching for the right information; recreating documents; using several systems to store similar or related documents, etc.

The document mismanagement problem can feel overwhelming, but the solution is much simpler than expected.

Fast and contextual Information Management

Organisations today create and manage ever-increasing information flows. At the same time, users demand faster and easier access to business-relevant data. How a business consolidates and works with its data, defines how successful they are at seizing new opportunities and incorporating them into an integrated digital future.

The Swedwise Way

Swedwise has therefore developed a concept that is low-cost yet high-value in order to effectively take care of your information flows. Based on solutions such as OpenText ™ Content Suite, its standardised configuration draws on industry “best practices” in order to create fast, cost-effective, and contextual Information Management.

OpenText Content Suite diagram
OpenText Content Suite provides an industry-leading solution to meet GDPR requirements and ensure regulatory compliance.

Securely make information easily available

Work from anywhere OpenText™

Content Suite simplifies collaboration and information sharing whether you are at the office, on the go, or working from home.

Flexible & Secure

Ensure compliance, document standards, and security while enabling users to leverage functionality and flexibility. Apply the feature of role-based access to documents and information.

Customisable Interfaces

With OpenText™ Content Suite, you can build interfaces based on user and business needs. Connect information and documents to a shared and/or individual interface, for example, with Microsoft® 365 and Microsoft® Teams.

OpenText™ Silver and Support Partners

We are both certified OpenText™ Silver and Support Partners. Swedwise provides licenses, upgrades, training, and support for our Enterprise Content Management solutions. Contact us to find out more.

Swedwise is an OpenText Reseller and Support Partner

Take your Information Management to the next level

Swedwise’s consultants’ specialist expertise and leading adaptable solutions, help our customers take control of information flows, create integration opportunities between business systems, and automate business processes through digitization. 

Make time for the good. Take your information management to the next level. Talk to our Key Account Manager David Hedström. +46 730 82 31 80.

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