Secure and Simple: Work remotely with OpenText™ Core Share

OpenText Core allows you to rapidly deploy a complete content management system in the cloud.

Opentext core share

Many of today’s mature organisations are seeking increased agility in order to be able to pivot faster to market conditions. In some instances, this requires content services solutions that are even quicker and simpler to deploy and configure. Moving everything at once to the cloud is sometimes just unrealistic. 

This is where OpenText™ Core, steps in to provide an agile, scalable mid-market-to-enterprise and secure hybrid cloud-based solutions to augment existing Content Services.

Remote working made secure and simple

OT Core Share is entirely SaaS and can help move paper to digital formats, securely share documents and enable electronic signatures during remote working. We’ve highlighted below what we think are the most helpful.

ECM in the Cloud – OpenText Core Share

Securely share and collaborate on projects while working remotely, with partners and customers behind and beyond the corporate firewall. Simple and intuitive to use, Core Share is a SaaS application that offers the enterprise-level security and compliance IT departments require with the flexibility that users need.

Enterprise-grade e-signature – OpenText Core Signature

Core Share features an integrated add-on for OpenText™ Core Signature, a professional and enterprise-grade electronic signature solution. Core Signature allows employees and third parties to sign quotes, contracts and other documents digitally in a fast and easily.

Eliminate manual data entry – OpenText Core Capture

OpenText™ Core Capture is a SaaS-based data capture application that automates the omnichannel data capture. This enables organisations to support all users and processes, whether onboarding or Accounts Payable, in an easy to manage single solution. One of the key benefits of the automatic classification of content as it enters an organisation is that information is properly identified based on security and compliance tags, such as Personally Identifying Information (PII), geo-location and contracts. OpenText™ Core Capture is also available for SAP® Solutions

Better Information Management with Swedwise

With its user-friendly interface, flexible deployment options, and additional features like electronic signature and content ingestion, OpenText™ Core offers businesses a comprehensive content management solution that suits evolving needs. Talk to Swedwise today about how to add more agility to your Content Services.

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