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Today, organizations create and manage an ever-increasing stream of information, and business processes increasingly consist of more digital input and output. At the same time, users, both internal and external, demand faster, and easier access to business-relevant data.

Is effective information management really that simple?

How should you handle these increasing flows of information in a fast and efficient way? Can you consolidate your data so that it creates new opportunities in an integrated digital future? The solution is often much simpler than you think.

The Swedwise Way

Swedwise has extensive experience in information management. We have developed a concept that combines a market-leading Content Service platform (Gartner), with a methodology that enables controlled bitesize implementation at your own pace.

Easy to collaborate, search, and share your information with Content Suite

The Swedwise Way is based on solutions such as OpenText’s™ market-leading Content Suite. With a standardized configuration based on industry best-practice, fast, cost-effective, and contextual information management is enabled. It easily solves individual problems, and at the same time creates momentum toward an interconnected central solution.

OpenText Content Suite diagram
Develop, control, and secure your information with OpenText™ Content Suite.

Integrate with existing applications and processes

Standardized Office 365 integrations for tools such as Teams, make it easier to control, manage, and make information available internally and externally. At the same time, you create automated information management with relevant regulatory compliance.

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Information management doesn’t have to be complicated. The solution is easier than you think. Let Swedwise help you take information management to the next level. Talk to our Key Account Manager David Hedström or call +46 730 82 31 80.

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