Enable Better Onboarding Experiences with ESM

How do you deliver the right resources, to the right person, at the right time? It’s all down to effective service orchestration.

ESM onboarding

On a typical day, your organisation handles many IT service requests. Many of these orders are included in the onboarding of staff. From the moment an employee contract is signed, a computer must be available, a mobile subscription fixed, work clothes ordered in the right size – the list goes on. A laptop with a name scribbled on a post-it note might seem the easiest and quickest way. But it will lead to many errors downstream.

So how do you deliver the right resources, to the right person, at the right time? It’s all down to effective service orchestration.

ESM: The Right Help, at the Right Time

Successful onboarding provides new employees with the information and tools they need to do their job. But did you know that the common errors that happen during onboarding can be eliminated with automated onboarding and Enterprise Service Management (ESM)?

Optimise Workflows with One Go-To Service Point

ESM allows service teams across an organization – from IT to Human Resources to join forces by processing employee requests from a single platform.

By providing employees with direct access to downstream systems via a self-service portal, new hires feel welcome right away.

This end-to-end digital workflow automates manual tasks that are estimated to take up to 60% of an average employee’s time; meaning complexity is vastly reduced, and your people begin with value-adding tasks faster.*

Make Onboarding Simple for Everybody

A common problem voiced by IT and facilities managers to their HR colleagues is they didn’t know a new colleague was onboarding. By moving towards Enterprise Service Management, other departments are automatically kept up to date on current and future onboarding processes. LOB (department heads) owners avoid the stress of missing important steps in the process or lots of unwelcomed administration.

Create Repeatable and Scalable Processes with ESM

With ESM, the processes you build over time can be used as blueprints to repeat and scale across the enterprise. In this case, onboarding processes can quickly be reconfigured to create new ones for off-and-re-boarding.#

Operational Excellence with ESM

Simplify the IT and HR departments’ jobs when it comes to onboarding. Enterprise onboarding touches many departments and requires several processes to achieve a great employee experience (EX) for new hires and the internal teams that use the services (like process users and hiring managers). 

Swedwise can help your organization easily fit together experiences and processes to automate cross-departmental work. 

This end-to-end visibility ensures that the right actions are taken across multiple departments and systems and be continually optimized via insights from lifecycle event dashboards.  

Specialists make a difference

We have in-depth knowledge of establishing Service Management within various types of organisations, and in-depth experience of onboarding systems based on Service Management tools, as well as self-service portals and service catalogues for HR, equipment, operations, and finance. Our long experience means that we can quickly and with high quality, create a platform that suits your needs. 


*ServiceNow: Why business processes and workflows are going digital.

#The Total Economic ImpactTM of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, a January 2021 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ServiceNow. 

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