A New Approach to Information Management

For your organisation to keep moving forward, it needs to work on bridging information silos and providing instant, secure, and compliant access to both structured and unstructured data.

a new approach to information management

It’s just over a year ago since we predicted how the Corona Pandemic would speed up the digitalisation efforts of many organisations. One year on, we see that Enterprises still face more data from more sources with increasing governance requirements. Collaboration tools still need to ensure meetings happen smoothly – both internally and externally. Manual handling gaps in processes that slow down effectiveness still exists. And customers still expect that innovation keeps up with their demands.

New Ways of Thinking about Information Management

Getting rid of information silos and providing instant, secure, and compliant access to both structured and unstructured data—boosts productivity and reduces risk: futureproofing organisations for whenever the next big challenge comes.

Content is Key, Context is King

At the beginning of the covid pandemic, we proposed that businesses that harness their information flows will build “The Information Advantage”. We still believe in this strategy. And the key ingredient to this is content is context. By integrating your organisation’s various content management platforms, applications, and systems into a single source of truth for business content, you achieve information flows that are fast, scalable, and reliable.

Imagine if employees no longer need access to every system and application to make informed decisions. If information can be surfaced directly in the system or dashboard they prefer to work in, which allows for the smooth flow of information across departments? Therefore, content services can open the door to all the organisation’s data; enabling you to seamlessly govern, organise, and make it available to people across the enterprise who have permission to access it.

Information in context
When Content is communicated in the right context you gain the information advantage.

Watch the webinar: Manage the Content that Powers Modern Work

Michael Cybala, OpenText VP of Engineering and Dr Marc Diefenbruch, OpenText VP of Product Management, for valuable insight into industry trends, new strategies for success, and an overview of OpenText Content Services.

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