OpenText™ Extream and StreamServe

Simplify the design, management, and delivery of omnichannel communications.

What is OpenText™ Exstream?

OpenText™ Exstream (which includes StreamServe) simplifies the design and editing of all types of documents for Omnichannel communications. Using Exstream, your business can engage customers, suppliers, and other business partners anytime, anywhere, and integrate and distribute documents over any channel or format.

OpenText™ Exstream™ gives your organisation one secure, cost-effective, and reliable solution for all customer communications. 

Create, Manage, and Deliver Omnichannel Communications

Market-leading OpenText™ Exstream (Formerly StreamServe) simplifies the design and editing of all types of documents for Omnichannel communications. User permissions ensure compliance. OpenText™ Exstream (StreamServe) empowers non-technical business users to create, produce, and distribute documents via one independent communications layer. Exstream should be the foundation of your CCM and CX strategy.

A Foundation for Your Customer Experience (CX) Work

Automate and Simplify Document Composition, and Distribution

Choose the channel you want to use to communicate with your customers. Create documents that are individually tailored to each customer, such as offers aimed at generating more sales or cross-selling. Everything from labels, emails, pdf, print, printshop, and e-invoicing, to bi-directional text messaging, or social media posts, can be deployed from a single platform.

Maintain Brand Consistency

IT and system owners can pre-set levels of authorisation to templates, so compliance is met, and professional brand guidelines are upheld.

Faster Time-to-Market

Marketing, sales, and business teams have the opportunity to communicate messages directly with customers. This all adds up to improving customer experience (CX) and engagement with personalised, on-time interactions.

Create contextual, personalised, and relevant content for every customer communication with Aviator.

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Exstream Product Overview

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Exstream Empower Editor

Experience Aviator Overview

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