Everything needed for A2A, B2B and IoT-integration.

xT (formerly xTrade) is a no- to low- code, high output Integration platform with unbeatable security and control

xT main role is to realize information-based processes by connecting parties and systems using messages containing arbitrary data transferred over various communication protocols or by APIs. Connected systems can be internal as well as external and data can be exchanged both synchronously and asynchronously. xTrade supports a wide range of communication protocols and security standards.

xT (xTrade) is a fully modularized product containing everything needed for A2A, B2B, and IoT integration.

Secure and Traceable

Flexible Integration

EMS-suite with mapping and ETL functionality already implemented


Solutions can easily be created regardless of what IT systems, platforms or standards your communication partners use

Secure Integration

Military Grade Security and reliability accredited by NATO

Stable and Reliable

xT empowers you to cooperate with your partners over various networks, different technologies, ERP systems, and other applications. You can start with a smaller xT system and gradually expand your information system, all the way up to a large clustered VAN service with separate frontends and processing machines. Everything is in the same interface, simply and clearly.

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Licences and consultants

Choose market-leading solutions and/or specialised consultants. Enhance your existing investments, future-proof information flows, and optimise your day-to-day operations.

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Get I.T. training and certification to help you and your company further develop skills in key information management and integration technologies.

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Reduce risk with dedicated support services. We help take care of system operations within many business verticals. Save time and focus on your core business.

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