Region Stockholm secure information flows

Improved information flows through faster, simpler, and more secure system integration.

Region Stockholm

Region Stockholm is a regional municipal body responsible primarily for the public healthcare system and public transport. It also is involved in the long-term planning of the region, creating the conditions for growth, and contributing to the culture of the county. Every day, Region Stockholm sends over 120,000 sensitive medical documents. The information can often be complex and move between internal and external logistics flows.


To develop and manage a platform consisting of both synchronous and asynchronous flows of information between Region Stockholm’s various healthcare units. They must also add newer, more agile technology and processes to traditional EDI management. This platform has high SLA requirements around the clock, every day of the week, all year round.


Swedwise helps Region Stockholm overcome these challenges with Swedwise Healthcare Suite: A platform consisting of a range of modules for both the latest API-driven development and more traditional EDI traffic in large volumes. Swedwise further augments this solution by delivering 24/7/365 expertise and agile support to SLL on the entire integration platform.

“Swedwise has a unique competence that really benefits us”

– Peter Burell, Domain, Integration Architect, Region Stockholm


Swedwise Healthcare Suite manages all system integration demands and provides accessible and easy-to-use administration, combined with agile support.

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Case Study: Region Stockholm

Platform Overview: Swedwise Healthcare Suite

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