Escape Document Graveyards. Unlock your Content with AI. Banish the Data Zombies!

Stop creating Document Graveyards full of disconnected information. Or worse still, have valuable information end up in them, never to see the light of day again. Instead, breathe life into your documents and make them work for you. With Content Services, you can do just that.

No more data zombies with Content Services

The uncontrolled growth of data within an organisation occurs when data is created, collected, and stored across different systems, applications, and devices. This produces information silos, and eventually, “document graveyards”, which is where unused and disconnected data information goes to die.

Data that is considered dead in an organisation, but that still lurks around somewhere, becomes “zombie data”. Storing these data zombies is costly. And unfortunately, sometimes this data can contain useful information that could have been reused and repurposed. But there is a solution. It’s a Content Services Platform.

Keep your important data alive and connected, with the help of content services, or dead and unused in document graveyards?

What are Content Services?

Content Services Platforms (CSPs) or Enterprise Content Services (ECS) are the key to unlocking your business’s data potential. They are the bridge between data silos, connecting systems, and information repositories. CSPs stop valuable data from being buried and forgotten and instead put it in context and make it relevant. CSPs are the evolution of traditional Enterprise Content Management systems into integrated, dynamic, ‘user-centric’ platforms that empower organizations and drive process efficiency.

A Single View – The Content Services Advantage

Content Services seamlessly integrate with your organization’s systems and repositories, allowing your employees to access and utilize content easily, regardless of their location or device. While they retain essential features like Document and Records Management, Data Capture, and Workflow Management, CSPs go beyond simple Enterprise Content Management by addressing specific use cases within your organisation and facilitating the free flow of information across all business processes.

CSP single view
Save time and unlock the value of your business information with a Single View Approach.

From Content Management to Content Services

Traditional ECM is focused on capturing, storing, and managing content. CSPs take a leap forward by asking, “How can we give users easy, on-demand access to the information they need, in a format that suits them, in the application they are most comfortable working with?” CSPs are about building on and enhancing existing ECM applications with seamless integration, AI, automation, file collaboration, and analytics.

Tradition ECM vs Modern Content Services

Leading Content Services Platforms offer several benefits:

User-Centric Experience

Content Services provide collaborative, integrated workspaces that reduce the need to “jump” between different applications to perform tasks or find information. This can shorten lead times in case management and improve time to response for departments such as Customer Services.


Continue to store Content in multiple systems while still taming data sprawl with seamless integration ensuring easy access with governance and access controls for enhanced analytics, searchability, and sharing across departments and with external partners.

Automatic Compliance

Centrally controlled records management, metadata, search, and version control. With applied compliance-focused AI, non-compliant data can be automatically eliminated from repositories, thus eliminating document graveyards.


Content Services reduce manual workload significantly by handling metadata, storage, classification, and lifecycle decisions autonomously. AI can also ensure that employees’ sharing of documents in applications like MS Teams does not contravene regulations and follows compliance within the solution.

Leverage the flexibility of a CSP

Content Services Platforms release you from the document graveyards and data zombies that plague many organizations. They empower businesses to revitalize their data, break down silos, and make information work for them. With CSPs, you can transition from traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to a dynamic, user-centric approach that harnesses the power of integration, AI, automation, and collaboration.

Swedwise Content Services Expertise

Swedwise brings extensive experience in CSP and Information Management. Our methodology combines leading Content Services platforms with a flexible implementation strategy, allowing you to bring your valuable information to life at your own pace. We seamlessly integrate with SAP®, Salesforce®, Microsoft®, and other top applications, streamlining information flows and enhancing your processes.

No more Data Zombies. Goodbye Document Graveyards!

Contact us to discover how we can help you breathe life into your information and stop creating the dreaded Document Graveyards and Data Zombies!

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