Göta Energi Create Better Customer Experiences

Swedwise helps Göta Energi to create better customer experiences and the conditions for driving innovation and growth.

Göta Energi case study

The Electricity Suppliers market in Sweden is highly competitive, and creating customer loyalty is tough. To maintain its market position and increase customer loyalty, Swedwise has helped Göta Energi to create better customer experiences, and the conditions for driving innovation and growth.

Better Customer Experiences

Göta Energi needed a solution that could be used by the sales and marketing teams to deliver personal and relevant information about products and/or services at each “touchpoint” ie. everything from how the customer received an invoice, the customer service, “Point-of-Sale” and other off-line interactions.

Omnichannel Communication

With Swedwise’s help, Göt Energia chose a CCM platform that uses customer data from its various business systems and creates personalised communication on e.g. invoices, contracts, and messages to the customer without the need to involve the IT department.

OpenText Exstream diagram
Göta Energi chose a CCM platform that enables digital communication, regardless of data source, with delivery via any channel and format (omnichannel).

Employee Experience (EX)

Swedwise also helped Göta Energi build a user-interface and dashboard so sales and service staff could easily access customer data (Göta Energi Sales System – GESS ) This is linked to individual accounts. Swedwise has also developed systems to support sales on new channels and together with partners.

Göta Energi Sales tool
Göta Energi has digitised sales processes both offline and online. The sales tool GESS is developed to simplify the administration process for salespeople.

GDPR Compliance with industry-leading ECM

With technical expertise and strategic business advice from Swedwise, Göta Energi also chose an ECM platform that meets GDPR requirements and acts as a “single source of truth” for all customer information.

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