StoryTeller and XML-out for Infor M3

Simplify, develop, and refine the editing process of business documents with Exstream (StreamServe).

StoryTeller and XML-out for Infor M3

To be able to simplify, develop, and refine the design/editing process of business documents is high on many Infor M3 users’ and CCM system owner wishlists. But it’s sometimes hard to know how to achieve this level of quality and functionality. We thought we’d save you some valuable time by summarising some of the ways OpenText StreamServe Exstream can help M3 users significantly improve document flows with StoryTeller and XML-out.

Reduce mods

With Exstream, M3 users can enter customised information directly into the XML file via the M3 interface. With this disappears the need for many mods and it is no longer a costly IT project to add new relevant information in, for example, invoices and order confirmations.

Simplify the editing process of documents

Previously, the amendment of standard information in StreamServe (MOM) often required consulting services. But with OpenText Exstream, information texts or target personalised market promotions no longer require IT personnel. They can be changed in a controlled manner by a departmental manager.

Administer graphic profiles and brand identity

StreamServe/Exstream documents created using StoryTeller can follow an organisation’s graphic profile in a standardised and controlled manner. Documents can be adapted for different departments, sister companies and countries – and all done in an automated way based on a dynamic main template. Moreover, all essential business information is not always found in one ERP system. With StoryTeller you can add information from different data sources and personalise the contents of the documents so they are ultra-personalised.

Cutdown on unnecessary consulting costs

We believe the biggest positive effect – particularly when using Swedwise for an upgrade project – is the greatly reduced need for maintenance after “go-live”. With shorter lead times in the development of documents, the business benefits are many.

CCM Case Study – Benders

With Exstream, Benders experienced easier, faster, and simpler communications with their customers and suppliers. Read our Customer Success Story on how Benders decreased internal lead times for document creation from 8,3 days to under 90 minutes.

Make time for the good

Swedwise has helped many M3-user companies. Contact us for references before you plan to do an upgrade project. You will be guaranteed to save costs. At the same time, our skills will help you respond to your present and future business demands for user-functionality and effective communications with your customers and suppliers Contact

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