What Makes a Leading CCM Platform?

The world of Customer Communications Management is changing. Traditional solutions are transforming into intelligent interactive omnichannel communications.

opentext is a ccm leader

Digital transformation is changing the world of Customer Communications Management (CCM). Increasing demand for interactive correspondence via social, web, and SMS channels, has seen CCM technology evolve to meet new Customer Experience Management challenges: Traditional automated document generation solutions for structured batch output are transforming into intelligent interactive omnichannel communications.

So what are the available solutions, and which one is right for your business’s unique challenges? You can find out in IDC’s report, which names Swedwise partner OpenText as a leader in CCM: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Customer Communications Management 2020 Vendor Assessment.

What Makes a CCM Leader?

IDC focused its evaluation on core the capabilities of authoring, processing, delivering, and reporting. Vendors were then surveyed and further investigated to ensure that the offerings qualified with both capabilities and strategies related to the CCM market.

IDC recognises OpenText as a leader in Customer Communications Management

Customer Engagement is the #1 Driver

IDC’s Customer Communications Management Survey found that improving CX was the primary business goal of their CCM solution. 27% of respondents stated their CCM solution was used to improve brand recognition and ensure standardised brand voice across all touchpoints. IDC estimates that by 2023, 65% of consumers will be using voice, images, and augmented reality for interacting with brands via their mobile devices, extending the physical and digital experiences. 73% of consumers say a good experience is key to brand loyalty. Loyal customers are 5X more likely to purchase again. Customers tell 9 people about a positive experience and 16 about a negative experience.

Enabling Business Users without reliance on IT

According to IDC, there is also a continued shift towards empowering employees of different departments such as operations, legal, finance, or marketing with easy-to-use tools, which up-skill users without reliance on IT. More and more organisations seek specialised tools that tailor the user experience to generate documents and communications within the context of a task, use case, or business value stream.

What kind of CCM is right for your business?

Technology buyers should envision what they need in terms of customer communications in the future, and consider solutions that will scale and innovate. Multiple communications systems, siloed customer data and ever-changing legal requirements make it challenging. What’s needed is a way to control the flow of data throughout an organisation, while being able to make it available quickly when it’s needed, and then use that data to improve internal and external communications at a moment’s notice.

Whether you are looking to consolidate all communications onto an intelligent communications platform or streamline document generation through a tailored solution, it’s crucial that the solution supports tomorrow’s known and unknown challenges.

Futureproof with Exstream – A Leading CCM Platform

Exstream is OpenText’s CCM platform. The solution addresses today’s organisational CCM challenges by giving business users (LOB) the tools they need to design and modify communications themselves without costly IT involvement. If your organisation requires high-volume batch, interactive, and on-demand omnichannel customer communications across a variety of business roles within a single solution, Exstream from OpenText is a highly capable tool.

OpenText Exstream diagram
A complete centralised solution for Customer Communications Management (CCM), Output Management, and foundational Customer Experience Management (CX). The Exstream platform simplifies document processes, streamlines personalised customer engagement, and enhances customer experience.

Omnichannel Communications at Scale

Exstream offers Enterprise-grade capabilities with microservices flexibility: Omnichannel communications at scale; On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid. Exstream leverages the data and content that already exists within the organisation to create personalised, engaging communications on the preferred channel, screen size, and device of the customer. Exstream scales to fit the needs of any department or complex enterprise environment.

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