Accelerate your Business with Digital Process Automation

Create a future-proofed platform for capturing, linking, archiving, and retrieving information.

Accelerate your business with dpa

By digitising information flows end-to-end, Digital Process Automation (DPA) greatly improves the speed, accuracy and quality of business processes. But what is DPA, and how does it provide a future-proof platform for capturing, linking, archiving, and retrieving information?

BPM to DPA: An Evolutionary Step

In essence, DPA is the evolution of Business Process Management (BPM): Born out of a need for organisations to be increasingly agile as part of their digital transformation. And one of the biggest challenges organisations face within their transformation is to shut down the “whitespace” between disconnected digital and manual processes that require interaction with structured and unstructured information.

BPM previously helped with streamlining processes, cutting costs, and driving efficiency. However, today’s organisations need to be highly adaptable as applications are developed faster, and customer-centric digital ecosystems known as “the age of the customer” replace the “age of information”.

DPA addresses these challenges by enabling organisations to digitise information flows end-to-end. This greatly improves the speed, accuracy, and quality of business processes. The result is a complete digital platform for capturing, linking, archiving, and retrieving information.

Accelerate processes by transforming documents into actionable information

By digitising purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, and other documents, organisations can manage incoming and outgoing documents through a seamless digital end-to-end process: Regardless of the structure or format of the documents. Since DPA captures processes and workflows in real-time, detailed analytics can also identify areas for improvement quickly, without the need to manually analyse information first.

 Digital Process Automation diagram
DPA includes automated information capture, workflow, content management, and business information delivery.

When do you need Digital Process Automation (DPA)?

DPA goes beyond BPM improvements such as risk avoidance and cost savings. DPA is a digital transformation solution. It achieves this by connecting the processes that require interaction with structured and unstructured information residing in different business systems and content repositories – DPA effectively fills in the  “manual process” gaps between in workflow and in customer, supplier, and partner interaction.  

DPA solutions for all document types

Swedwise’s expertise in DPA solutions meets the requirements of today’s document-intensive workflows with automatic scanning, validation classification, extraction, and retrieval. To find out more about Digital Process Automation, please feel free to contact us.

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