Bring your processes and information together with Digital Process Automation

The age of the customer” has replaced the “age of information”, Integrating process automation with information management is the key to success.

Bring your processes and information together with Digital Process Automation

Organisations are used to focusing on two key areas in order to automate their businesses:

Process Automation (enterprise suites, customised applications, business process management (BPM), case management and robotic process automation).

Information Management (tools to create, update, manage, deliver, and archive a diverse mix of structured and unstructured data).

Meet customer needs with a connected strategy

Although this has worked well in streamlining processes, cutting costs, and driving efficiency, digital disruption presents new business models that have attracted customers to leave slower-paced, less customer-centric companies. To thrive in the customer-centric, digitalised world, what’s needed is a way for businesses to maintain an information advantage while simplifying processes –  yet allow digital transformation to take place.

Information + Process = Transformation

The solution is to combine process automation and information management. This approach not only greatly improves the speed, accuracy, and quality of the business processes, but also the customer engagement. It helps to imagine that process is the engine that drives business, while information is the fuel for business processes.

Integrating content and process creates more business value. For example, a customer’s document has much greater value when seen and processed through the lens of a business action or activity. Likewise, a business process that lacks information will come to a stop because it lacks the essential fuels of content and data.

process automation  and information management
The two key components for digital business: Process automation combined with unstructured content.

Digital process platforms to simplify work: The evolution of BPM to DPA

Business process management (BPM) software has therefore become faster and lighter to deploy, with new functionality: transforming it into Digital Process Automation. This expanded technology is a modern take on BPM suites: delivering value to companies using a process + content approach to transformation.

Organisations may face several obstacles when starting to combine process automation with information management. But there are several approaches that can assist your organisation. Read our guide to how Information fuel + process engine equals transformation.

Read the guide to Digital Process Automation

Simplify your data flows

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