Build resilience with Extended ECM

Increase supply chain resilience, strengthen employee relationships, and improve IT agility.

Extended xECM

During the covid pandemic, many of us had to adapt to a new way to work. As we have already seen, organisations were forced to think about how staff can work remotely, flexibility in the supply chain, and dynamic communication for customers, suppliers, and other partners. But how will organisations continue to ensure stability in the future?

Build resilience with Extended ECM

Extended ECM (xECM) opens the door to all the organisation’s data so that you can easily control, organize and make the information available to the right staff when they need it. xECM enables customisable, role-based experiences that include what users need to see – how, when, and where they want. Users can now see the whole picture without leaving the application or interface they are most comfortable working with.


Maximise business processes with OpenText xECM

Learn how your organisation can:

  1. Increase operational cost-cutting
  2. Enhance MS Teams collaboration
  3. Maintain a high level of customer service
  4. Increase Supply Chain resilience
  5. Strengthen employee relationships
  6. Control Governance
  7. Improve IT agility and scalability

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