Make time for the good with Enterprise Service Management

Your people expect workplace service experiences to be as smart and personalised as they are in their private lives. For this, you need Enterprise Service Management for EX.

Enterprise Service Management

Where’s the new laptop I ordered?” “Why don’t I have permission to access this folder?” “Why is onboarding for new staff so slow?”

Do you recognise these comments? Regardless of whether it’s a request from HR, IT, or another department, Service Desks are often swamped with such queries. And why do such queries arise? It’s because employees expect the same level of smart, fast, and personalised service experience in the workplace, as they receive from the consumer services they use in their private lives. It therefore makes sense to adapt to a customer-centric model with efficient flow management.

With accelerating digitalisation, organisations must ensure that:

How do you stay on top of these service challenges? The answer is Enterprise Service Management

Swedwise has in-depth knowledge of establishing service management within various types of organisations, and in-depth experience with ITSM solutions based on ITIL’s processes.

Digitalised service delivery with Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management or ESM supports an organisation by guaranteeing access to everything from equipment, systems, routines, rules, and audits via a secure and automated platform that controls internal and external services and processes. This ensures rules and policies are complied with and enables review and follow-up.

Make everyday life easier with role-adapted experiences

With ESM, staff can via a user-friendly interface and service catalog, gain access to the right services, permissions, and equipment – all of which can be automated and customized depending on the needs of the organisation.

Enterprise Service Management and EX
Swedwise helps you create efficient orchestration of internal and external workflows using leading platforms like OpenText SMAX.

Human Resources to Employee Experience

Imagine an HR department and an employee onboarding process. A new employee could waste a lot of time searching for services and assistance themselves via disconnected information silos, and complex manual processes. Or they could via one point of access enjoy a secure, automated and personalised onboarding process. In other words, ESM helps the new employee experience a smooth and fast onboarding process.

Make time for the good with Enterprise Service Management  

We believe it’s specialists that make a difference. Swedwise has in-depth knowledge of establishing Service Management within various types of organisations, and in-depth experience with ITSM solutions based on ITIL’s processes, as well as order portals for services such as HR, equipment, operations, and finance. Everything from feasibility studies, design, and implementation to management and support services are offered. We work with modern ITSM tools from suppliers such as Broadcom, OpenText (SMAX), and iTop. Contact us to find out more.

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