Swedwise signs deal with Ignite Technology to deliver Broadcom IT Service Mgmt solutions

Under the partnership, Swedwise will utilise the new solutions portfolio to make everyday life easier for customers with a range of smart, personalised, and self-driven IT service experiences for the workplace.

ignite and swedwise partnership

Stockholm, Sweden 22 June 2021: Swedwise has entered a partnership with Broadcom Strategic Partner Ignite Technology, to provide Service Management Solutions to its customers in Northern Europe. Under the partnership, Swedwise will utilise the new solutions portfolio to make everyday life easier for customers: Creating “more time for the good” with a range of smart, personalised, and self-driven IT-service experiences for the workplace.

Roger Wall, CEO, Swedwise said, “Today’s organisations are not only dealing with an ever-growing amount of information to manage but also the readjustment to a customer-centric model. People expect the same smart, personalised, and self-driven service experiences in the workplace as they do in their private lives. Using Ignite Technology’s suite of Broadcom Service Management solutions, Swedwise will provide our customers with user-friendly, automated access to the right IT services, permissions and equipment – depending on the needs of the organisation. It means our customers will spend less time on complex, manual processes, and more time on what’s valuable to their business.”

With its many years of experience in establishing Service Management within various types of organisations, Swedwise has extensive knowledge of ITSM/ESM solutionsbased on ITIL’s processes and order portals for services such as HR, equipment, and operations, and finance.

Martin Hermansson, Service Management Business Analyst at Swedwise continues, “By becoming a partner with Ignite Technology, our Service Management offer is strengthened. The partnership gives Swedwise a strong position in Northern Europe for Broadcom’s Service Management solutions and is proof of our technical expertise in the products, as well as our valued knowledge and experience of Enterprise Service Management.”

Implementation of Enterprise Service Management into an organisation often requires integrations with various existing systems such as financial, document management and ordering systems. For this reason, Swedwise’s background in Development and System Integration means that customers will additionally benefit from smoother, faster and more efficient ESM delivery expertise.

As a strategic partner for Broadcom, Ignite Technology has been delivering successful IT-Service solutions globally for over 15 years. Petr Stastny, Business Development Director at Ignite Technology said of the new partnership, “We are passionate about helping all businesses work smarter, with the help of more agile and automated processes. Our partnership with Swedwise will deliver tangible business value for customers and provide them with the digital innovation that’s the best fit for their business needs.”

About Ignite: Established in 2002, Ignite Technology was founded on a passion for bringing the very best people, experience and innovation together to help businesses work smarter, better and faster. Today, we’re a founding member of the Tricise Group and a major supplier of IT software, consultancy and delivery services to businesses of all sectors, across the UK, Europe and the Middle East and Africa. As a Strategic Broadcom Partner, we specialise in providing, implementing and supporting project & portfolio management, business automation, mainframe and cybersecurity solutions.

About Swedwise: Swedwise is an IT company with offices in Karlstad and Stockholm. Since 2010, we offer software licensing, consulting, development, and support. With a range of information management solutions, our goal is to provide customers with tools that make their everyday work easier; creating more time to focus on the real value of their business. We have in-depth expertise in ESM solutions based on ITIL’s processes and order portals for services such as HR, equipment, operations, and finance. Our long experience means that we can efficiently and with high quality, create a platform that suits your needs. Everything from feasibility studies, design, and implementation to management and support services are offered.

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