Create Better Employee Experiences

There’s no Customer Experience without Employee Experience. CIOs that improve on EX can help their businesses create a competitive advantage.

Create Better Employee Experiences

According to Forrester, leading CIOs found that they are collaborating more across organisations, objectives, and budgets, extending IT-business partnerships into enterprise-level shared accountability. They will also invest aggressively in employees, breaking down old ideals and resolving resistance within the organisation.  

In fact, CIOs focused on employee experience (EX) help their businesses attract, develop, and retain talent that can provide a competitive advantage: making investments to foster social collaboration and make information easier to find and use. This naturally has an impact on the end customer and the experiences they receive from brand touchpoints.  

CIOs who are slow or unable to adapt will become mired in short-term fixes that lead to digital sameness, not differentiation, and their top talent will get frustrated and leave for more visionary pastures. 

Read Case Study: Göta Energi  

In order to create the best experience for their staff, which consequently drives customer loyalty, Göta Energi has digitised sales processes both offline and online. Swedwise helped Göta Energi develop a user-interface and dashboard to simplify the administration process for salespeople. 

Take your Information Management to the Next Level.

When it’s time to take your information management to the next level, choose a partner that makes your present processes easier, and ensures you are ready for future challenges. Swedwise has helped many companies  create better information flows with secure project deliveries, happier employees, and reduced external consulting needs. 

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