Göta Energi delivers better customer experiences

Göta Energi drives innovation and creates better customer experiences. 

Göta Energi

Göta Energi was established in 2005 as an electricity supplier in Sweden. In 10 years it has grown its customer base from 40, 000 to 300, 000 – even when faced with tough industry competition. Swedwise has helped to deliver technical and strategic expertise to Göta Energi; combined with custom business solutions. The close relationship between Swedwise and Göta Energi has enabled the company to innovate, grow, and create better customer experiences.

The electricity supply industry experiences high customer churn and tough competition. In order to maintain its market position, Göta Energi must sell between 80,000 and 100,000 electricity supply agreements every year. Göta Energi must therefore ensure that customers experience a high quality of service at every touchpoint – from how the customer receives a billing statement to the quality of customer service, point-of-sale, and other physical or digital interactions.


In 2009, the company undertook a 360 evaluation of its strategic goals for the coming years. Improving Customer Communications Management was one of the first objectives. This required a solution that made it easier for sales & marketing teams to access customer data in order to deliver personalised and relevant information on products and services.


Improved Customer Experience

With Swedwise’s help, Göta Energi chose OpenText Exstream (formerly StreamServe) as a CCM/Omnichannel platform for its customer communication. By taking customer data from their different business systems, Göta Energi can create customer communications with personalised information for the recipient (e.g. invoices, contracts, and messages), directly to the customer via an account web portal.

OpenText Exstream diagram

Employee Experience (EX)

Swedwise also helped Göta Energi build a user-interface and dashboard so sales and service staff could easily access customer data, which is linked to individual accounts. Swedwise has also developed systems to support sales on new channels and together with partners.

The sales tool GESS is developed to simplify the administration process for salespeople.

Integration Expertise

B2B communication with Göta Energi partners in various channels, networks, and ERP systems is another area Swedwise helped Göta Energi: Leveraging  Swedwise’s expertise in system integration and via various technical solutions, business systems, and other applications. 

Compliance and Information Governance

Göta Energi has also deployed OpenText Content SuiteWith this ECM solution, Göta Energi will create better information governance, meet compliance requirements like GDPR, as well as create a “single source of truth” for their customer-related documents.

OpenText Content Suite diagram
From records management archiving to deletion, the Content Suite platform ensures successful information governance and compliance.

Applying Life Cycle Management to the information ensures that it is handled in a correct manner; for example, the removal of no longer relevant information. With smoother integration flows, users (e.g. sales staff) can now access all the information needed without leaving the system they normally work in while ensuring complete governance and compliance.


By being able to follow customer behaviour in more detail, Göta Energi can now deliver improved customer experiences. The company now supplies 300,000 electricity contracts. With Content Server, Göta Energi has received a “single source of truth” for customer information, which has contributed to shortened lead times and simplified processes.

“Swedwise is an innovation partner and business enabler”

– Patrik Södersten, Head of Strategy, Göta Energi.

Less dependence on the IT department

With Exstream as a CCM platform, it has become easier for the user to create personalised customer communications,  (e.g. invoices, contracts, and messages) which can be sent to the customer’s portal without involving the IT department.

“They very quickly have gained an extremely deep understanding of our business processes. From the very onset, we realised Swedwise was a very engaged partner. They not only provide technical competence but also strategic business advice. As an innovation partner, Swedwise has helped us become unique in our industry. Their commitment has created business opportunities and the best experience for the end customer”.

Innovation partner and enabler

According to Patrik Södersten, Head of Strategy for Göta Energi, the long-term business partnership with Swedwise has been fundamental to the success: “I can’t think of a better word to describe Swedwise than enablers”. 

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