Covid 19: How to Build a Resilient Organisation

To ensure the stability of operations, and seize emerging opportunities, it’s crucial organisations look at the adoption of technologies that scale quickly and reliably to build an information advantage.

covid 19 and resilient-organisation

In a matter of weeks, the Covid-19 crisis has seen the world of work change dramatically. But when we eventually come out the other side of the COVID-19 crisis, it won’t be business as usual. In a recent article for Computer Sweden, Annika Sundén Head of Analysis for The Swedish Employment Office imagines that we will very likely see many companies accelerate digitalisation in an effort to minimise risk and costs.

Adapt and Build Resilience

And the faster digitalisation happens, the faster the workplace will change. What is taking place right now is an accelerated change in behaviour. Suddenly working remotely is the norm. Home delivery of groceries isn’t just in demand from a select group. Online classes are an integral part of a student’s study. E-signatures assist the exchange of important legal documents and keep business rolling. Interactive Correspondence with customers help retains brand loyalty…The list goes on. Yet, although the structural transformation is now faster than we anticipated, automation doesn’t necessarily mean fewer jobs for everyone after the crisis ends. Instead, ‘parts’ of job roles will disappear: These will be the tasks that already put a strain on the processes and resources of a company. Technology will help businesses and workers to re-align and focus on more value-creating work.

The Information Advantage

To ensure the stability of operations, and seize emerging opportunities, it’s therefore crucial that organisations look at the adoption of technologies that scale quickly and reliably: Digital Platforms that will place them in a good position for the future – a future that is now even closer. This is where the information advantage lies. Those who harness their information flows will build organisational resilience, and will see better productivity and growth than those who drastically cut back their transformation efforts. Efforts should include how to incorporate a remote workforce, supply chain flexibility, and dynamic omnichannel communications for customers, suppliers, and other trading partners.

A resilient organisation consists of compelling customer experiences, frictionless commerce, simplified risk management, cyber reliance, and continued innovation.

Speed, Scale, and Reliability

Having a secure and centralised information platform is also critical to ensuring business processes are efficient, effective and resilient. We’ve already started to see how the cloud is fundamental to these new ways of working and enabling organisations to be resilient in the face of disruption. It is about having access to cloud-native platforms for rapid innovation and application-to-application connectivity to rapidly build new processes, new applications and new automated workflows.

Enabled and Secured Processes

Data security and threat protection are particularly important. Technologies that provide enterprise grade security are going to be increasingly important in a world of cloud-native applications and billions of connected devices.

Flexible and Dynamic Supply Chains

Digitalisation of the supply chain will also be a key building block in the face of disruption and changes to traditional ways of working. We are currently seeing how strong supply chains are, and learning quickly what we will be needed to make supply chains even more robust, more flexible and more dynamic.

Resilience Now

There is a simple message to this. Build resilience now. Digital innovation by its very DNA provides a way to unlock the full potential of data flows throughout an organisation, which in turn makes it more resilient to a rapidly changing environment.

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