StreamServe upgrade for Getinge

Getinge streamline its document-related business processes.


Swedwise will assist Getinge Sweden in streamlining document-related business processes and ensuring that all data is correct before it is sent out. This will result in lower costs and increased performance. Under the agreement, Swedwise together with their partners iSMoTec, are responsible for providing Getinge with operational and applicatory support for their StreamServe Platform.

Swedwise CEO Roger Wall said, “As certified OpenText developers, we are excited to help develop Getinge’s StreamServe data platform. Such business is important to us as we are committed to assisting our customers not only with solutions now but in the long term.” Together with two other business areas, the entire Getinge Group focuses on state-of-the-art medical technology. Getinge has a long history of using StreamServe for Output Management.

In order to maximize the efficiency, security, and maintainability of operational processes, Daniel Grindelid CTO of Swedwise said, “Swedwise’s goal is to help Getinge develop, maintain and grow their business processes faster.” Daniel Grindelid continues, “Knowing that your business is functioning right down to the tiniest detail is vital if you want to maintain your edge.” Swedwise’s valuable insight and experience working with ServeServe within many business verticals will be utilized to help Getinge bring its processes, information, and people closer together.

About Getinge Infection Control
Getinge Infection Control is one out of three business areas within Getinge AB, a publicly listed, Swedish-based group of companies. Worldwide, GETINGE ranks among the leading providers of disinfectors and sterilizers within the healthcare and life sciences segments. The Getinge Infectio.n Control organization is to be found all over the world, with 36 subsidiaries on six continents and over 230 distributors and partner companies in sales and service representing Getinge Infection Control.

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