Ensure Brand Consistency In Your Customer Communications

Marketing and business users know content is king. The ability to get brand-consistent communications to a target audience in a timely manner is critical.

Brand consistency and CCM

Did you know that many enterprises have no central platform for customer communications? As a result, it becomes difficult to control branding, style, and messaging across the enterprise. This loss of control over the information lifecycle creates the risk of negatively affecting business processes and profitability.

Such inconsistency is a paradox when organisations invest a lot in branding. Worse still, customers receive unclear, inaccurate, or misleading messaging as a result of departments communicating separately with customers.

What’s needed is a holistic approach to communications in which system and process owners can create the templates that ensure style consistency, and then empower users to be able to create and manage marketing messages and campaigns – without the need for IT support.

Enable your business users and free up I.T.

Technology that is designed to add messages to business documents in a smoothly controlled and quality-assured process is therefore very beneficial: Consistent and relevant interaction with customers leads to higher customer satisfaction, stronger customer relationships, and improved customer lifetime value. Moreover, instead of delivering projects, IT can focus on directing projects and ensuring quality and reusability.

Automate Document Processes without losing Service Quality

One solution is OpenText™ Exstream. With template-driven technology, it allows business managers to create, manage and fulfill communications themselves – taking a lot of the burden off IT. This way, you can holistically track your communications and ensure consistent branding and messaging.

A single enterprise-wide CCM platform, ensures consistency between content and processes to connect the right person and system with the right content– at the right time, and then deliver personalised documents and correspondence to the customer; in the right format and channel of their choosing.

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Personal productivity, process efficiency, and control

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