Turn your invoices into dynamic marketing tools

Deliver better experiences and cross-up-sell offers to retain and grow your customer base.

Use invoices as dynamic marketing tools

Did you know that your invoices can be used as a customer retention and sales tool?

Today’s consumers want choice and customisation, and expect invoicing to be simple, timely, and accurate. Moreover, the digitalization of your Customer Communication services not only can create more opportunities for data-driven, multi-channel communications but also influence customer behavior to minimize attrition and maximize upselling/cross-sell opportunities. With OpenText Exstream (formerly StreamServe) as part of your Information Management strategy, you can move towards deeper digital engagement.

Better Customer Experiences Drive Competitive Advantage

In order to deliver a seamless end-to-end experience across many touchpoints in a digital-first world, enterprises can do much by improving customer experiences and exceeding their expectations within existing document processes. This approach can also accelerate the time it takes to unlock the benefits of digital transformation.

Case Study: Benders

When Scandinavia’s biggest building materials company Benders upgraded their Infor M3 environmment, they decide to incorporate OpenText™ Interactive Correspondence – a document composition tool, which utilises OpenText™ Exstream. By focusing on unlocking the value of their data within their existing CCM processes, Benders lowered support costs, created better delivery precision, and increased loyalty. This was for a large part achieved by creating a single independent communications layer that already uses established communication channels.

Create better customer engagement via invoices

By giving your customers a personalized document, and in the medium of their choosing (print, email, web, pdf, etc.), your enterprise can similarly deliver better experiences and cross-up-sell offers to retain and grow your customer base.

OpenText™ Exstream also makes it easier for marketing managers to create and manage marketing messages and campaigns without the need for I.T. support, which creates shorter lead times: From a decision on a new campaign message the production takes just minutes.

In summary, by focusing on meeting and exceeding how customers, employees, and partners experience your documents, your company can unlock the true power and value of digital.

Add more value to your documents with Swedwise

Find out how Swedwise can help you do more with your business documents by utilising OpenText Exstream with a free professional consultation with one of our specialists.

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