Readsoft Online: Tips and Tricks

Are you a ReadSoft Online user? Do you want to have more time for other things? We have some tips and tricks.

Readsoft tips and tricks

Are you a ReadSoft Online user? Do you want to have more time for other things? We have some tips and tricks that we think you will find useful enough to share with your other colleagues and users of ReadSoft Online.

Verifying invoices

Did you know that you can use keyboard shortcuts that can make it easier to verify invoices, for example.

Test for yourself:

Full list here

What protection do you have?

For an extra layer of security, two-factor authentication (2FA) at login can be activated for users. This means that in addition to a username and password (which you can save in your browser) to log in, you also need a personal code generated via an app that is installed on the user’s phone at each login.

Recommended 2FA apps

We recommend that you use 2FA as protection.

Vi rekommenderar er att använda 2FA som skydd.

Läs mer om 2FA här.

Correct invoices

Another thing that we hope is useful is to let correct invoices pass to receiving systems without manual handling. This can be activated for specific suppliers or for all invoices that come in without fields that need to be corrected.

Document subtypes

The categorization has been improved and more subtypes are now available. This gives you as an administrator the opportunity to simplify document type settings and get a better overview of the documents that enter your business system and the fields which are needed to facilitate easier accounting:

  1. Purchase order
  2. General expense
  3. Credit note

Read more here.

Invoice number for electricity bills

Previously, electricity bills could cause problems with rejections/duplicates because they missed an invoice number; meaning it had to be added manually. The invoice number can now be generated automatically based on information from the electricity bill, so that it only needs to be entered manually once per supplier. After the first manual entry, ReadSoft Online (RSO) learns the specified format and sets it as the invoice number on subsequent electricity bills from that provider.

What must be in the field for invoice number is the customer account number, and invoice date combined with a punctuation mark. It can be, for example, a space, hyphen, or asterisk. The date can be in a numeric date format.

The result is an invoice number created as follows:

Customer Account Number-DateAssume the customer account number on the utility bill is: 123456777 and the invoice date is 22-01-2020. In this case, the invoice number would be ”123456777 0120”.

 Read more here.

Search results in ReadSoft

Search results with auto-completion have been improved. The search box now shows suggestions for values that can be specified. For example, if the letter L is specified, values starting with L will appear as suggestions:

ReadSoft Search


When a report has been added, a document volume report is available to administrators. The document volume report is useful if you want to get an overview of the volume of documents that go through the system during a certain period. This report can also be exported as a CSV file. The report is available on the home page.

Find out more here.

ReadSoft Reports

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