A new breed of Enterprise Content Management

ECM is no longer a one-way destination where content solutions are relegated to long-term storage, but a multi-lane backbone that aids information exchange with systems and individuals.

Nya sätt att förhålla sig till Information Management

Digital transformation means being able to integrate solutions in order to manage, organise, control, and generate value from digital data – whatever its form and source. Yet, a common situation today in many organisations is that digital information is siloed and isolated in multiple applications and systems. This loss of control over the information lifecycle creates the risk of negatively affecting end-user productivity or thwarting business processes.

Seeing your Enterprise Content Management platform (ECM) as merely a standalone storehouse for governed information is therefore no longer relevant from a software or a market perspective. Instead, enterprises need to be able to create a governed information network; one that provides the tools and framework to dynamically aggregate, categorise, correlate, share, and extract value from information generated by people and processes across the enterprise.

This provides a strong foundation for digital transformation: Allowing tight integration between content and processes to connect the right person and system with the right content, at the right time by:

A Foundation for Digital Transformation

Enterprise Content Management reimagined

One such platform is OpenText’s Content Suite. Our deep experience with this offering has shown that it provides an integrated, enterprise-wide information grid that transforms process and personal productivity, reliability, and control.

OpenText Content Suite addresses three elements:

End user and Personal Productivity: By reducing the time needed for tedious, manual tasks and removing barriers to collaboration, Content Suite’s simple, intuitive tools let people engage and work the way they want to.

Process Productivity: By integrating ECM with your lead applications where work actually takes place, it can connect disparate business processes and information sources to share content in order to improve insight, efficiency, and throughput.

Control: The transparent, automated application of full governance and security to more structured and unstructured information. Content Suite achieves this by transparently capturing content where user personal productivity happens, in applications like MS 365 and Teams, file synch and share, email and SharePoint. Retention policies are applied using OpenText Auto-Classification; a revolutionary application that classifies content based on machine learning.

Your digital journey partner

Swedwise’s expertise in OpenText Content Suite can help you not only build a stronger ECM platform to withstand the forces of digital disruption, but also increase productivity, strengthen compliance strategies, reduce information storage and management costs, and drive business value.

Contact us for a free professional consultation with one of our specialists and accelerate your digital journey.

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