Rexel take control with Digital Asset Management

Rexel automatically manages video, images, and audio files from one place.


Rexel is one of the world’s largest electricity wholesaler groups with operations in 26 countries on three continents. In Sweden, it has close to 800 employees in 62 locations and has a turnover of approximately SEK 5 billion (2017). With over 120,000 articles, manual administration around images becomes unsustainable. Rendering and designing of media must where possible be digitalised in order to cover all products.


In several customer-related processes, documents are created with information from several operating systems. These documents also need to contain product images that strengthen customer communications. With an existing Product Information Management (PIM) system, images can be linked to products that reside on for example a website, but the PIM does not meet other business needs, such as images that need to be included on quotes or similar documents. For the latter to happen, something more is needed. With over 120,000 articles, the manual administration of images becomes unsustainable. The rendering and design must therefore be as automatic as possible in order to cover all uses and needs.


Swedwise supplied and implemented a Digital Asset Management platform (OpenText Media Management) whereby several parts of the graphic production of images are partially or fully automated in a centralised way. In addition, the system can handle sound and moving images for corresponding product on other systems such as the webshop.


Rexel currently has several key business documents that are created through CCM and the OpenText DAM solution with information that is adapted to the current products and the recipient of the document. The entire process from texts and product descriptions to images is created and distributed via several different communication channels automatically.

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