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Perfectly personalised communications with powerful delivery.

Unified omnichannel messaging platform

Did you know that as an OpenText™ Exstream user, you could eliminate the fragmented delivery of email, SMS and fax notifications via multiple third parties by augmenting your CCM solution with OpenText™ Notifications?

Whether it’s SMS, voice, email, or fax. Unfortunately, many companies today manually switch between multiple stand-alone messaging systems in order to send notifications to their stakeholders. This creates costly delays, impairs customer service, drains the IT budget, and negatively impacts the bottom line.

OpenText™ Notifications is a cloud-based omnichannel platform that delivers messages through email, SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, push, voice, and fax. Integration with OpenText™ Exstream™ adds assured delivery.

Avoid The Trap: Multiple, Fragmented Vendors for Communications Delivery

Using a single vendor for each distinct communication method causes several potential business problems. The lack of pre-built integration with OpenText™ Exstream (StreamServe) creates an environment of fragmented, unconnected vendors, adding unnecessary complexity and disruption. This creates costly delays, impairs customer service, drains the IT budget, and negatively impacts the bottom line.

A Single, Unified Notifications Solution with Multi-Modal Delivery

OpenText Exstream combined with OpenText Notifications strengthens the document creation and delivery process. With a pre-built integration from OpenText between Exstream (StreamServe) and Notifications, you continue using your existing IT and ERP with in-place communication channels but with the added advantage of a single OpenText cloud-based notifications platform. The result is a powerful communications tool that makes business correspondence more productive and cost-effective – with a single vendor.

opentext notifications
Notifications provides a unified Notifications solution with Multi-Modal Delivery

Use OpenText CCE (StreamServe) combined with OpenText Notifications to:

Outsourced, cloud-based solution

OpenText Notifications Service is a completely outsourced, cloud-based solution. It’s ideal for: fraud alerts, product or service updates, invoice reminders, account updates, order status, appointment confirmations, prescription resells, employee scheduling changes, travel notifications, and more.

Easy to use

A convenient web portal makes it easy to manage your notification projects from any browser. Also, you can use the API to integrate notification communications directly into your back-end systems.

Lower costs

With a completely outsourced service from OpenText, you can eliminate infrastructure, reduce staffing, and eliminate maintenance, upgrades, and other recurring IT expenses. Transaction- based fees are consistent and predictable, leveraging economies of scale available only from a large global vendor. You can ramp up as fast or slow as preferred, knowing you’ll pay only for the notifications sent

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