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The need for personalised and dynamic Customer Communications is at an all-time high. But which one is right for your business?

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The need for personalised and dynamic Customer Communications (CCM) is at an all-time high. Demand for interactive correspondence via social, web, and SMS channels means traditional CCM software has transformed into intelligent communications that support more interactive digital conversations. There are many solutions in the market that can integrate and scale your business. But which one is right for you?

When businesses invest in a new CCM solution or upgrade an existing platform, it’s because of the need to replace outdated even non-supported software. There are usually three factors that have a direct impact on the eventual effectiveness of the CCM solution: Functional Performance, Customer Engagement, and Implementation.

CCM Performance and Features

According to IDC MarketScape CCM 2020 Vendor Assessment, examples of the types of questions organisations should be asking when considering a solution included:

One platform for all communications needs

If all of the above points resonated with you, the chances are you have a lot of customer-facing communications and business-critical documents often needed in high-volume batches. You also probably have to deal with many daily ad-hoc communications requests across a variety of business roles. These can be anything from Operations needing to change addresses and times on delivery notes for suppliers, to Marketing needing access to CRM data in order to send out timely promotional offers via SMS or email.

If your organisation faces these operational challenges then a single all-in-one” platform can be beneficial. This is because one of the biggest challenges with CCM is how to use relevant information, which is often sitting in disconnected silos of various business systems. Funneling all communications through a central platform can not only reduce miscommunications but also ensure brand consistency and compliance.

Customer Engagement

CCM has become key to the development of customer engagement and Customer Experience Management. IDC’s Customer Communications Management Survey found that improving CX was the primary business goal of CCM users. Empowering business users

Business users are also an important part of a successful customer communication strategy. An adaptable, easy-to-use CCM tool, which can be embedded in other business applications, can have a positive impact on user acceptance. Furthermore, by reducing dependence on the IT department for document changes, you can also free up IT resources for more strategic work.


It’s critical to ensure smooth and successful implementation. A solution could be the best one of the market, but if people find it hard to use and don’t adopt it easily, this can set you back your operations. Implementation with certified consultants accelerates the return on investment with better knowledge handover. This is achievable with high quality training for business users and administrators. Furthermore, the richer in performance and functionality the solution is, the more important it is to get the right skills set to assist you.

A Leading CCM Solution

If you are looking to consolidate your communications onto an intelligent communications platform and streamline document generation, Swedwise recommend that you also examine two recent analyst reports by IDC and Aspire. These provide a comprehensive assessment of the CCM vendor landscape with both placing OpenText as a CCM solution in a leader.

OpenText Exstream for CCM

OpenText Exstream offers enterprise-grade capabilities and omnichannel communications at scale: It leverages the data and content that already exists within your organisation to create personalised, engaging communications on the preferred channel and format of the recipient.

OpenText Exstream diagram
A complete centralised solution for Customer Communications Management (CCM), Output Management, and foundational Customer Experience Management (CX). The Exstream platform simplifies document processes, streamlines personalised customer engagement, and enhances customer experience.

Ensure the successful performance of your CCM

Swedwise can provide you with the expertise needed to help you quickly see positive results. In a dialogue with Swedwise, you get suggestions for solutions designed according to your specific goals using industry-leading tools. If you would like more information, we are always available for a chat about your challenge.

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