Goodbye Silos: Centralised Output with Exstream

Unifying your customer communications and output management processes not only makes sense from a process perspective but also delivers significant business benefits. 

OT Exstream no more silos

Organisations generate a wide variety of critical documents and content every day. From communicating with customers, and printing labels for packaging, to facilitating billing, contracts, and more. The production of these documents requires a smooth and efficient process. However, if these processes are siloed, repeating documents instead of re-using or incompatible documents can lead to increased costs.

With OpenText™ Exstream, organisations can leverage a comprehensive and flexible solution for managing all aspects of customer communications, from document design and production to distribution and archiving.

OpenText™ Exstream

OpenText™ Exstream is a leading tool in the field of Customer Communication Management (CCM). Everything from labels, emails, pdf, and e-invoicing, to bi-directional text messaging, or social media posts can be deployed by authorized, non-technical users from this single platform.

OpenText™ Exstream
OpenText™ Exstream offers a complete centralised solution for Customer Communications Management (CCM), Output Management, and foundational Customer Experience Management (CX). 

Exstream works with any data source or format

Why limit input types to just XML from one system such as your ERP, when OpenText Exstream is designed to capture data from any source, such as your CRM, ERP, webshop, PIM, DAM, and more, in any format, such as XML, PDF, TXT, or web.

Exstream makes document creation easier

In addition to its compatibility with different data sources, Exstream offers a single platform for document layouts, centralised print management, batch jobs, and comprehensive omnichannel marketing campaigns. Everything from labels, emails, pdf, print, print-shop, e-invoicing, to bi-directional text messaging, or social media posts, can be deployed from a single standardised platform.

Exstream is CX-ready

Does your business use multiple data sources in a dynamic way for bi-directional, omnichannel communications? With Exstream, communications via email, SMS, web, print, and other channels, give customers the flexibility to receive communications in the format that works best for them. This can help increase customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. This makes Exstream an invaluable cornerstone in your company’s cx-work.

Exstream is scalable

Another feature of OpenText Exstream is that it can be used on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, depending on your specific needs. This makes it easier for you to adopt Exstream into your existing infrastructure.

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Take your Output to the Exstream

By using OpenText™ Exstream, organisations can reduce the number of tasks managed by employees across departments, freeing up time and resources for more strategic initiatives that drive long-term growth. This is particularly valuable in challenging economic times when companies must optimize every resource available to them.

Get Exstream with Swedwise

If you need to maximize the use of an existing CCM or output solution or looking to upgrade to Next-gen communications, Swedwise can help you. Our team of experts offers a full range of services, including end-to-end project development, version upgrades, advisory and consulting, training, support, and management.

Contact David Hedström +46 730 82 31 80. We’ll start off by identifying your challenges and goals so that you are on your way to getting a cost-effective solution that’s right for your needs.

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