Deliver the right information, in the right context with CCM Self-Service

To operate smoothly, an organisation depends on a wide range of documents and content, such as customer communications, packaging labels, billing, contracts, and more. These documents are its lifeblood, and ensuring they are reachable, and useable is crucial.

Empower non-technical business users

Empowering non-technical business users with self-service tools to create, modify, and distribute documents is the key to creating a better way to work. With self-service tools, your organisation can enhance productivity, reduce errors, and streamline document workflows.

OpenText™ Exstream

OpenText™ Exstream enables self-service and is a leading tool in the field of Customer Communication Management (CCM). Everything from labels, emails, pdf, e-invoicing, to bi-directional text messaging, or social media posts can be deployed by authorized, non-technical users from this single platform.

OpenText™ Exstream
OpenText™ Exstream offers a complete centralised solution for Customer Communications Management (CCM), Output Management, and foundational Customer Experience Management (CX). 

Exstream Self-Service Module

Designed for non-technical business users, Exstream, lets content changes be applied without re-packaging. Users in different departments from Marketing, Operations, Billing, and more can implement document changes themselves, which can be performed in minutes, not days. IT and system owners can pre-set levels of authorization to templates, so compliance is met, and professional brand guidelines are upheld.

With OpenText™ Exstream, users can create and distribute documents with ease, and send them in the recipient’s format of choice via omnichannel: Improving customer engagement and satisfaction with personalized, on-time interactions.

By using OpenText™ Exstream, organisations can reduce the number of tasks managed by employees across departments, freeing up time and resources for more strategic initiatives that drive long-term growth. This is particularly valuable in challenging economic times when companies must optimize every resource available to them.

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Find out how your organisation can use Self-Service to automate and simplify the composition and distribution of your business documents.  Contact David Hedström +46 730 82 31 80. We’ll start off by identifying your challenges and goals so that you are on your way to getting a cost-effective solution that’s right for your needs.

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