Operational Excellence – Five Steps to Success with Request Fulfillment and ESM 

How can your ITSM team make every day easier?  Not just for you, but for everybody in your organisation? Considering the variety of incoming change, incident, and service requests ITSM must handle, figuring out how best to allocate your resources is a big part of the puzzle. 

ESM/ITSM best practice

Getting Service Request Management right means enabling your team to focus on what is most important to the broader organization - enterprise operational excellence. What does it take to create an efficient service request management process?

Here are  five tips to consider: 

1.   Get closer to your customers

To ensure strong service request management, one popular recommendation is to “shift left”. This means moving request fulfillment as close to the front line – the customer – as possible.  An automated service catalog accessible via a common web service interface reduces costs and speeds up resolution times while increasing the control level of an organisation’s service.

2. Keep it simple with automation

The design of “how to” request services must be as simple as possible. Begin with the most common, simple, and easily fulfilled requests. Automate the approval process where possible.

3.   The best help is integrated

A service catalog that is integrated with other vital systems enables a higher level of self-service. It requires less hands-on, support effort and gives a shorter resolution time.

4.   The customer knows best, so get feedback

Users should be involved in continual review of all service categories to ensure business value and efficiency. Document all your requirements for your service catalog, to evaluate and evolve.

5.   Identify, measure and review

Review Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure you have the proper measurements and notifications in place so that requests are fulfilled in a timely manner. Identify what information should be available in the knowledge base when a request offering is released. Identify what reporting and metrics are needed to effectively manage the lifecycle of a service request.


The request fulfillment process is an especially useful process in the Service Operation stage of the ITIL service lifecycle. It helps to streamline the response to service requests. A request fulfillment process that works well leads to satisfied end-users and increased business values : A digital innovation that creates operational excellence.

Make time for the good

Everyday IT service delivery is made easier with Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Your people spend less time on complex, manual processes and more time on tasks that are valuable to your core business. If you are curious to know more, drop us a line. One of our experts will be happy to contact you for a chat. Thanks to our broad experience we can help you to take the next step.

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