A new way to connect – Swedwise Healthcare Suite

A Healthcare platform, which is purpose-built to improve efficiency, service delivery, and patient care.

swedwise healthcare suite

In today’s increasingly connected world, Healthcare organisations face a critical need to not only integrate patient and administrative information but to improve efficiency, service delivery, and patient care. A new way to connect is needed to adapt to these changing conditions – whether an organisation deploys legacy EDI communications or high-end API-led technology. 

Swedwise Healthcare Suite is a total Integration environment, built to satisfy the needs of larger Healthcare Integration Centers.

Lower costs with higher quality and performance

To address these needs,  Swedwise Healthcare Suite (SHS) is purpose-built to help organisations share patient data faster, and securely while creating cost savings, and increasing patient satisfaction. It consists of several products and modules, which can be combined depending on organisational needs, as well as a choice of integration strategy and models. It can easily be expanded to handle any volume of messaging.

With SHS acting as the hub of a healthcare IT ecosystem, it’s now easier to:

High volume with high security

SHS includes a unique combination of technologies from integration providers, such as MuleSoft, OpenText, xWare and Inobiz. SHS has the ability to handle asynchronous and synchronous messaging, embedded support for healthcare standards such as ETL-processing such as HL7 (v2 and  v3), DICOM, FHIR, CDA/CCD, and the ability to deploy application networks faster and easier.

Transform your healthcare

Do you want to know more about how you can transform your healthcare? Our certified consultants in systems integration, APIs, and EDI are dedicated to creating complete security, reliability, and control of your information processes. Contact us to find out more.

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